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Sun Valley Farm's Patches McMerle

Males: Males
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Patches is a beautiful blue merle male.  He is essentially the best dog imaginable.  Super smart with a sense of humor, he is always watching everything around his little kingdom to make sure all is right with the world and all his charges are taken care of.  We're almost positive he has E.S.P. because he will invariably anticipate your needs.  Certainly not above having some fun, he will also chase any throw toy for as long as you wish to continue throwing.



Augustus is a super handsome shaded sable out of the first litter between Patches and Evie.  The calmest dog I've ever known.  He is very self sufficient and dutiful.  Most of his day is spent roaming the 3 acre perimeter and keeping an eye on the property.  He gets along very well with all of his pack mates.  He is very quick to alert to anything he thinks is out of order in his world.  I call him Mr. Cool, the hall monitor because he is constantly letting the rest of the crew know in his polite way that they are approaching the boundaries of good behavior when they do things he doesn't approve of.  Affectionate and loyal, but in no way demanding.  He is a super steady hand.  Very dependable.

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